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Helping Hands – Our Cancer Care Resource Center

According to the US Census Bureau, about 42 million people were uninsured in 2013. has put together this resource center to give patients and their loved ones the help they need. Here you will find all the local cancer assistance programs available—from housekeepers, reduced fee babysitting services to transportation assistance, support group events, recipes, personal stories, guidance and counseling networks, and much more.
Below are some of the resources we bring to you:

Pharmaceutical Assistance Center or Drug Assistance Program: Need help with finding the drugs you need and getting all the information regarding dosage, side effects, etc.? Here is a pharmaceutical resource link for patients:

Educational In-Service Calendar for Patients and Nurses: There are several free classes for cancer patients offered by doctors, nurses, social workers, dieticians, fitness professionals, etc. Some examples are: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, LIVESTRONG and the Oncology Nursing Society. This comprehensive calendar will help you find the right events so you can plan ahead and take advantage:

Calendar of Care: As a patient, you can post a calendar of your treatment schedules, and if needed, post a “request for assistance”. If you need a ride to your chemotherapy appointment, someone who cares and wants to help can see your schedule and be of assistance. Do you want to let friends and family know of preferred visiting hours? Post them here. People will also be able to send flowers, gifts or care packages directly to the clinic or hospital.

Fund Raising Events Calendar: There are over 100 groups in the Bay Area doing charitable work for cancer patients. This “community billboard” allows local groups to advertise upcoming marathons, fun runs and other related events organized to help raise funds for cancer patients and cancer research. If you are planning an event to help a loved one struck by cancer, we will be happy to help you reach out to the community. Talk to us today!

List of Caregivers and Care Facilities: At some point, a family may need additional assistance at home or may need to place their loved one in a care facility. Here is a well-researched list of caregivers and care facilities you can seek help from to look after your loved ones. We also encourage family members and patients to rate the quality of care they have received at a certain facility. You have the opportunity to see their genuine feedback and reviews before you make a decision.

Advice from an Oncology Certified Dietician: A patient or family member can benefit from these useful tips and advice offered online through our blog.

Virtual Library: Here is a list of recommended reading materials and other media, such as books, links to articles, tutorials, handouts/digital downloads, etc. .