ONS National Strategic Plan 2016–2018

Innovation in Knowledge and Learning

Excellence in Oncology Nursing and Patient Care

Advocacy for Patients and the Profession

Advance the quality of cancer care and patient/staff safety

Advocacy is a key part of what we do everyday for our patients. Examples of advocacy is anything from giving pain medications, having crucial conversations with family and health care providers, to contacting the local House/Senate Representatives offices to present a patient related issue that needs their attention.

With your ONS membership, you can earn FREE CE by taking the Advocacy 101: Making a Difference as online course.

National ONS will be doing a 2-Day Capitol Hill program in Washington D.C.  The program occurs in the last quarter of the year. National ONS pays for your time in Washington and the Chapter covers travel (flights and ground transportation). Stay tuned for more details.

Below you can find the House of Representatives/Senate and Board of Supervisor Reps for your residence or work location and their contact information.

Senator Dianne Feinstein   One Post Street   Suite 2450   San Francisco, CA 94104  (415) 393-0707

Senator Kamla Harris   50 United Nations Plaza Suite  5584, San Francisco, CA  94102 (213) 894 – 5000

District 17: Ro Kahanna – local district contact information is: 900 Lafayette Street Suite 206, Santa Clara California 95050   1-408-436-2720

District 18: Anna Eshoo at 698 Emerson St., Palo Alto, California 94301  1450-323-2984,1-408-245-2330,1-831-335-2020

District 19:  Zoe Lofgren at 635 North 1st Street, Suite B, San Jose, CA 95112   Phone (408) 271-8700

Santa Clara Board of Supervisors of 5 Districts who are directly involved with County programs, especially the county hospital systems- Valley Medical Center. The names of the District supervisors are: Ken Yeager- District 4, Joe Simitian-District 5, Mike Wasserman-District 1, Cindy Chevez-District 2, and David Cortese-District 3.



ONS Capitol Hill 2017 California representatives meet with Congressmen from our respective districts & Senators Diane Feinstein & Kamala Harris:

Nancy Pelosi with one of the keynote speakers at SF City Hall in support of ACA:

With Zoe Lofgren at SF City Hall rally for ACA:

With Anna Eshoo at SF City Hall support rally for ACA:

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The Silicon Valley chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society is committed to provide mechanisms to further the professional development of the individual members within the chapter.

A secondary but equally important mission is to provide an atmosphere of collegial, professional and emotional support to the chapter membership throughout the continued transition in health care as it exists in the state of California and as it evolves throughout the nation..

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