Virtuesse hair replacement for women


VIRTUESSE HAIR REPLACEMENT FOR WOMEN combines the very latest in hair replacement technology and artistry, resulting in a natural integration of supplemental hair with your  own hair.  Your personally customized Virtuesse hair replacement is created using a state-of-the-art thin, flexible, second skin like base with 100% natural human hair inserted in natural hair growth patterns.

The look is totally natural, completely undetectable and totally amazing. With Virtuesse you get:
No special maintenance. Treat it just like your own hair.
No more worrying about bright lighting.
No worrying when it is windy or when it rains.
Create short, close to the scalp hair styles
Comfortable, easy to care for, lightweight and breathable.
Perfect hair angulation and pattern simulates natural growing hair.
Euro-texture 100% natural human hair for the most natural appearance and touch.
The assurance that only comes from great looking hair.
The freedom to “Be Yourself Again!”

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